For 2013, research applications on “Transformation of Migration and Societies” are especially welcome.

Migration is not only an integral part of broader social transformations; it is also a process with its own internal dynamics and changing patterns: In addition to the long term or permanent displacement of domicile, shorter forms of spatial and social mobility are increasingly subject to academic research and animate the public discussion. These short-term movements – described as “circular”, “temporary” or “return” migration are more conditional and are shaping societies in a different way compared with the traditionally intended perpetual stay in a host country.

Which impact do different forms of mobility have on the social change in the sending and receiving societies? How do they transform social, economic and cultural dynamics in the traditional and new destination countries? How do cultural institutions and policies respond to and facilitate these changes? How should we understand the relationship between migration, mobility and social change?

Ph.D. students dealing with internal dynamics of migratory processes and their impact on societies are invited to apply for a scholarship. We encourage the following topics, but will also consider other approaches:

  • Changing migration and mobility patterns
  • Migration and social change
  • Institutional challenges in sending and receiving countries
  • Role of cultural production, policies, and institutions in mobility and social inclusion

Innovative approaches both in terms of subject matter and methodology will be highly encouraged.